6 more days to Pub Day!!

Finishing touches on this baby today!! Less than a week until Pub Day!!! 🥳🎊🥳

It’s so surreal holding my book baby in my hands. I’m completely addicted to this high, and I’m never going back. You can expect a hundred more books from me. 😂🤷‍♀️📚📖📓📚✍️⌨️🖥👩‍💻

By, Audrey Destin

When a woman loses everything she loves, moving forward doesn’t just happen, it’s a choice.

In a society that rewards ambition and ladder climbing, Emily is homeless. Her ambition is dead.

Dan’s daughter is missing. Emily ran away a year ago after he stumbled into the living room drunk for the last time. Now sober, he spends his days trying to turn that wrong around. Dan can’t stop.

David is losing his home, and his shoe store is barely hanging on, while the market is crashing. His own life is a mess, but the woman he picks up on the side of the road is a great distraction. Emily is beautiful, captivating, and worse off than himself. He takes her to dinner and then on a camping trip. He can’t get enough until he realizes her secrets may be more than he can take.

A women’s fiction about how one lives in a world that continues to turn, without the ambition to go on.

This is Emily’s story. Moving forward is optional.