First Review of Moving Forward Optional is in!

I’m so excited to say the first review for Moving Forward Optional is in and @outsidewithbooks on Instagram loved it! Yay! ❤️

Check out her full review on Insta HERE

The nerves I had going into sending out the ARCs (advanced reader copies) were out of this world. It’s so scary knowing that you’re asking for honest reviews of your book child from people who read as many books a year as I do, or more. 😂 Because I really respect these reviewers and I know they’re going to tell the truth, because their reputation depends on it.

So, the elation I felt when @outsidewithbooks messaged me and told me she truly loved it, was some of the best feel goods I’ve ever had.

Thank you, book reviewers!! ❤️

Kindle Pre-Order Available!

Head to my Amazon Author Page to pre-order Moving Forward Optional for your Kindle today!!! ❤️🥳💕🥳❤️
The Kindle pub date is set for October 13th 2020 and you can pre-order any time between now and then!
I’m so excited to set this baby free and I hope you all love it!! ❤️🥰📚

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The Space Between Worlds Book Review

4.5 stars

“It doesn’t matter how you got it. If you have it, it’s yours.”

Cara’s from the slums of Ashtown with an opportunity. An opportunity because she’s rare. As in, she’s only a handful of versions of herself left alive across the multiverse.

The Space Between Worlds is a sci-fi stemming from the idea that we live in a multiverse, where many versions of ourselves exist in the universe, depending on choices that have been made. Adam, an inventor in the city, has created a way for people to travel to the different versions of our world and gather data. The catch is only one version of a person can exist on any given Earth at one time, so Cara is plucked from the slums to be a traverser, which is where her destiny begins.

I loved this book. It was a fun read and I get into a multiverse plotline. I love seeing what this author did with the flexibility of many Earths for her plotline to traverse.

Sci-Fi by definition is generally a progressive genre and this book was no different. If you’re in search of a particularly progressive read, this one will serve those needs. Delivered with a bisexual person-of-color as the protagonist as well as a side character with the pronoun they, this book checked all the boxes and gave the LBGTQ+ community a book they could adore.

This was a near 5 stars read for me with just a few glitches in the complicated plot that bothered me, but at 4.5 stars, I highly recommend, and it was a joy to dive into. If you liked Blake Crouch’s Recursion and Dark Matter, this is in the same lane, so enjoy.

Cover Reveal Coming…

I’m so excited to announce, the cover reveal for Moving Forward Optional, my Women’s Fiction coming out this fall, is this week!! Hope you all love it as much as I do!

Peace, Love, and Black Lives Matter.

I’m a person that seeks out peace. It has always been my nature. But not in the form of ignorance. I’m not religious, but I am spiritual, and as a yoga junkie I learn a lot of lessons from Buddhism.

The first Noble Truth is ‘Life is Suffering.’

In this case racially driven murder that was exonerated by our ‘justice system,’ an incident that does not stand alone in a country filled with hate crimes.

I can close my eyes and pretend these things do not exist and convince myself that relief of forgetting is peace. But that is only pretend peace until I remember, or reality is in front of my face again.

Instead I have to remind myself that true peace comes from acting honorable, in my daily life, and letting go of attachment to other people’s actions, reactions, or expectations. It is not manipulating reality to make myself feel better.

So I’ve brought this book off my shelf and placed it on my coffee table to remind myself to do what I can in my daily life, to act with honor towards the greater good, and right now that means doing the best I can at being anti-racist, and letting go of the things I cannot do or change.


Change the things I can, accept the things I can’t, recognize the difference.


May true peace find its way to each of our hearts. And may we create a more honorable country each and every day. 🇺🇸 And may we always feel united in our suffering, comfort our brothers and sisters in mourning, and rise together as one nation under love.


Writing in a World of Chaos

I’m currently reading this book, A Madness of Sunshine, and I can’t help but feel it’s really lacking in, well, madness. I don’t think that’s the author’s fault, I think it’s this current chaotic world we’re all living in.

At the moment, shortly after I wake up in the morning, I feel a bit like I’ve stepped into a world that’s spinning off its axels. Emotions are firing on all cylinders. I might have a deadly virus, I might not. We can’t walk out of our doors and feel completely safe from this invisible killer.

We’re wearing masks, gloves, and avoiding our friends. We’ve given up sports and school. Our world has gone crazy.

Now, on top of that, we’ve begun rioting and demanding a complete reorganization of our justice system in America. Police stations are quite literally being set on fire. And we’re uncomfortably aware that a percentage of our police have been killing us and filling up for profit prisons with us, without thorough burdens of proof. And there’s a racial bias.

So yeah, when I open a book that’s titled with the word “madness,” what’s inside doesn’t really stack up against reality currently. And that’s where my mind as a writer is right now.

How do we write a book that keeps a reader turning pages, hanging on to every word, when they turn on their phones and televisions to a real life world of chaos? I prefer my chaos in the pages, but let’s be honest writers, we’re going to need to step our game up if we intend to keep our readers engaged! Because life is dishing out some serious competition right about now.

Book Review: The Better Liar by Tanen Jones

“The more you know someone, the more someone’s you know. They kaleidoscope outward before your eyes.”

Leslie is looking for her long-lost sister. Not because she misses her, but because she needs her to collect their father’s inheritance. A stipulation of the will. But Robin is dead by the time Leslie arrives so her and a stranger hatch a plan and spin a few lies, and there begins the rabbit hole.


The Better Liar is a nice, slow burn psychological thriller, debut from Tanen Jones. The writing style reminded me a lot of a Ruth Ware novel and since Ruth Ware is auto buy for me, I’ll be picking up Tanen’s next book as well. It wasn’t too intense, but the mystery style questions kept the pages turning and, in the end, I enjoyed it as a light read.

I recommend this for readers who enjoyed, The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. I’m looking forward to what’s coming next from this debut author.

Friendship in moments…

Updating my blog!!

Hi friends!!

You might have noticed this website hasn’t been updated recently. That’s about to change! I hadn’t quite decided how I wanted this website to work for me, but I knew I needed a writer’s blog.

I’ve decided that’s going to be my focus here! If you’re interested in just reading my book reviews, follow me on Instagram @AudreyDestinBooks and that will be the best place for you to find those.

This blog will be my own personal day to day journey through the life of a writer, reader, creative, and mother of three.

Welcome to the beginning of that documented journey. I’ll iron things out and it will be looking even better soon. If you have tips for me on joining a blog circle feel free to drop those in the comments below, I’m still learning! Thanks everyone!

-Audrey ❤️