The Space Between Worlds Book Review

4.5 stars

“It doesn’t matter how you got it. If you have it, it’s yours.”

Cara’s from the slums of Ashtown with an opportunity. An opportunity because she’s rare. As in, she’s only a handful of versions of herself left alive across the multiverse.

The Space Between Worlds is a sci-fi stemming from the idea that we live in a multiverse, where many versions of ourselves exist in the universe, depending on choices that have been made. Adam, an inventor in the city, has created a way for people to travel to the different versions of our world and gather data. The catch is only one version of a person can exist on any given Earth at one time, so Cara is plucked from the slums to be a traverser, which is where her destiny begins.

I loved this book. It was a fun read and I get into a multiverse plotline. I love seeing what this author did with the flexibility of many Earths for her plotline to traverse.

Sci-Fi by definition is generally a progressive genre and this book was no different. If you’re in search of a particularly progressive read, this one will serve those needs. Delivered with a bisexual person-of-color as the protagonist as well as a side character with the pronoun they, this book checked all the boxes and gave the LBGTQ+ community a book they could adore.

This was a near 5 stars read for me with just a few glitches in the complicated plot that bothered me, but at 4.5 stars, I highly recommend, and it was a joy to dive into. If you liked Blake Crouch’s Recursion and Dark Matter, this is in the same lane, so enjoy.

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