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When a daughter goes missing…

Samantha is a vegetarian experiencing a marriage crisis of consciousness. The major dilemma being murder. But when Johnny goes hunting and Lilac goes missing, Samantha is the only one home.

Lilac is a sixteen-year-old girl climbing the ladder of success one step at a time. She’s found social fame on the internet and has even patented her own bluetooth earbud earrings. A teenage influencer with confidence and fearlessness, she falls for a boy just as popular as her. But not everything is what it seems on the internet.

It’s time to go hunting.

A mother-daughter duo drives this cross genre women’s fiction thriller that spins a story of strength in women as the roles of predator and prey are defined and redefined and the underlying questions of morality run wild.

What people are saying:

“Audrey blew this out of the water and the book is amazing.”

-Christy; Goodreads

“The pacing is fast and I was able to consume the whole book in one sitting. I just couldn’t put it down.” -Alicia; Goodreads

This is a book with a very powerful message- to both mothers and teenage girls.” -Allison; NetGalley

This is so powerful and gripping. I could not put it down because of all the suspense and worry.” -@ABC_Ashleysbookcuriosity; Instagram

“Audrey weaves a story so flawlessly. I was both of these women. Hell, I have been both of these women.” Megan; Goodreads

“Utilizing strong female characters, Ms. Destin has penned a suspenseful page-turner.” -Donna; Goodreads

“Another deeply significant and page turning read by Audrey Destin. This proved to me that Audrey is a master at taking sensitive material and situations and turning them into compelling and thought provoking reads.” -@outsidewithbooks; Instagram

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