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Audrey Destin was born in Plainfield, Indiana. Yep. That’s true. PLAIN-FIELD.

Not surprisingly, she packed her bags when she was eight, and ran away to her grandparent’s house, searching for something more. She didn’t yet know what that something was, but she knew she didn’t belong with her feet planted in the plain fields of Indiana. Sadly for her, that adventure was a bust, and her grandparents, who also lived in Plainfield, called her mother to come to pick her up.

Little did she know, that would only be the beginning for her. 

Today she lives in the suburbs of Seattle, WA, where she would never run at night alone for fear of both cougars and bears. Something they didn’t have in Plainfield, Indiana.
More content with the excitement of her life, she lives happily with her husband and three children.

She graduated from college after studying fine art and journalism and has produced a creative life to decorate her family with. 

Moving Forward Optional was her debut Indie novel and her fourth baby. Not including the dog. Please don’t tell the dog she’s not child number four. Or the hampster. 

On second thought, correction, Moving Forward Optional was baby number six. 
Two human girls. One human boy. One dog. One hamster. And now an Indie book, which reached the time where it was given its wings and allowed to leave the nest and change the world, the way only a truly loved child can and will do.
Just kidding.

Unloved children change the world all the time.

Never forget that.

Here’s looking at you, unloved kids.

Audrey’s second book, which is better than her first, The Vegetarian and Her Hunter, will be available everywhere January 25, 2022. Yes. You will be able to walk into your favorite bookstore and see if they have it on the shelf. If they do not, you will be able to request it at the front desk, and they’ll be able to order it for you.

You can not do that with Moving Forward Optional. That book is only available on Amazon. And now it’s questioning if it’s possibly loved less than the new, baby, er, book. Please don’t tell it that I said The Vegetarian and Her Hunter is in fact, better.

I love all my kids equally.

-Audrey Destin