Book Review: Anxious People by Fredrik Backman


I find that, often, books start off slow for me and pick up pace about halfway, then end with a bang. Not always, but often. I also know that, really, that shouldn’t be the case. A book is supposed to start off great and keep the reader engaged. Anyways. I digress.

This book started off fantastic. I was impressed with the quickness of my commitment to Anxious People. I loved so much about it. I was surprised to see the momentum fizzled into a slow burn about halfway through because of the third-person perspective and the constant diversion to backstory. But it was artful and so I kept going and appreciated the choice to tell the story in this way.

The author, Fredrik Backman, did an excellent job of using the third person narrative to really feel like a story-teller, jumping from backstory to side story and back to the main story, which at this point, I have trouble saying what specifically it was about.

Nevertheless, it was an absolute pleasure to read, and a lovely story that cultivates an appreciation for the story-tellers nuances. I can’t wait to read another.  

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