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{Coming Soon: January 25, 2022}

When an daughter goes missing…

Samantha is a vegetarian, married to a man she fell in love with when she was seventeen. Her husband is a hunter. When their daughter goes missing, Samantha is the only one home.

Lilac is a sixteen-year-old girl climbing the ladder of success one step at a time. She’s found social fame on the internet and has even patented her own bluetooth earbud earrings. A teenage influencer with confidence and fearlessness, she falls for a boy just as popular as her. But not everything is what it seems on the internet.

It’s time to go hunting.

A mother-daughter duo drives this cross genre women’s fiction thriller that spins a story of strength in women as the roles of predator and prey are defined and redefined and the underlying questions of morality run wild.

What people are saying:

“This story took me by surprise. In a good way. I was shocked, but also cheering on the women…” -Gail Delaney; Critically acclaimed and award winning author of Romantic Fiction in multiple genres.

I want to brag about reading this book that accomplished so much… Audrey is writing strong female characters and addressing such real topics.”-Ellie J Grey; Author of the suspense novella Terrorized and thriller novel Framed.